A website price depends on the amount of design and development necessary to accomplish your project’s goal.Every website has its unique requirements, so we don’t have a fixed pricing for any type of project. For more information on pricing or to get a detailed quote please Get in Touch with us.
The time it takes to create a fully functional website depends on several factors like the complexity of the design, number of pages, functionality required, numbers of revisions and the necessity of the client. Contact Us to discuss the details of your project.
Actually we encourage it. The website will be build on our development server and you will have access to it, encouraging your feedback in this time in case something it’s not the way you imagine, changes being easier to be made during the development than when the project it’s ready for revision or to go live. Once the project it’s approved we will be moving it on a live server, ours or yours and submit it to the major search engines.
Minor revisions are not charged and we will complete two major revisions with no charge.
Depending on the size and the cost of the project, between 30% and 50% payment is required prior beginning to work on your project, 25% after the first round of revisions (half way of the project) and the final payment due upon completion of the project.
For an eCommerce website all the steps from a regular website are needed plus the functionality of the shopping cart, custom registration area, payments gateways, an merchant account for processing the online payments.
Yes, you can use only PayPal or any other Payment Gateways of choice.
Yes, every project will start with the mobile design in mind. Design will be responsive, images adapted for mobile environments to provide the best user experience to your users.
No, to secure all subdomains of your domain name, you will need to get a wildcard certificate.
No, although we are planning to expand on different technologies at the moment we are offering WordPress website maintenance.
It is very important to have your content, files, images, videos, text up to date to keep your users engaged in the same time it’s vital that your website it’s updated to avoid security breaches.
Due to the nature of multisite installations we do not offer WordPress Multisite maintenance.
You will need to provide your WordPress Admin, FTP username and password. If you don’t know how to provide us with this details we will assist through our contact form or our live chat box.

We carefully make sure that all your private information, login credentials and any other information we collect is secure.